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Today’s graduate students are the academic experts of tomorrow. Obtaining the status of academic expert comes through one core strength:
Writing - specifically good writing.


The problem? Good writing rarely comes naturally and often isn’t easy to produce. 

Over my years in academia, I noticed that graduate students who were able to achieve confidence, clarity, and consistency in their writing typically succeeded at the later stages of the academic career cycle: 

  • Getting published in their research area

  • Finishing their dissertation well

  • Finding a desirable job after graduation


These three qualities - confidence, clarity, and consistency - are the foundation to my approach as an academic writing coach for graduate students.


Students who work with me learn to: 

  • Believe in their ability as a writer

  • Use language that clearly and convincingly articulates their argument 

  • Maintain their writing productivity when the tough times come 


Graduate school simply cannot be completed well without good writing, and most related academic and professional goals will hinge on your ability as a writer.

Make sure your writing counts. 

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